We're Almost There!

I believe anything that sparkles, glistens or shines is beautiful. Now that Christmas and the New Year is coming around, it's time to bring it all out. The beginning of the New Year's for me is to shine. 

I was doing some online shopping (more like gazing) when I came across some stuff that caught my eye. A few of my favorite online stores (H&M and Sephora) has got me on a tight budget with all the things I want to buy, can afford, and just gotta have. I'm in love! Of course I'll share what I came across and you guys should tell me what you think. Think about sequins, sparkles, glitter, silver, gold, velvet and anything that screams New Year's is here. Eeeeek!

Aren't these just the cutest polishes ever?! The first is the Butter London - The Black Knight and the second is the Deborah Lippmann Shimmer - Dream A Little Dream. I love shimmery and sparkly nail polishes so these caught my eye right away.

Now for the first item are like the cutest velvet leggings ever. It's on sale at H&M for only $10. Such a great deal and so cool! I love the color because this isn't a color that shows up in my wardrobe very often. The middle item is a leather silver skirt. I think it's really cool that the leather is silver and not your generic brown or black. It's $129 but it IS leather so it was sort of expected. Lastly the sweater is only $34.95. I love the fact that the letters are actually metal and have a gold appearance. It's different and would be a great piece to own.

What do you guys think?