Birchbox - December 2013

This would have been the earliest I've ever received my Birchbox. It shipped on the 4th which is 6 days earlier than usual but it has been at the post office since December 7th and wasn't being delivered to my house until the 12th. Oh well, it's here now! I love the packaging for the holidays. This month's theme is Holiday. Here's a peek:

December is all about celebrating and excitement! The holidays are finally here and everyone is excited!

This is what's included in my box this month:

I was looking forward to being excited until I saw these items in my box. Overall this is a disappointment. 

My biggest disappointment is the FusionBeauty LashFusion XL mascara. The mascara arrived dried up and basically won't be any use at all since it cannot apply to my lashes. I really love trying new mascaras since they're one of my favorite beauty items so this was a big let down.

I've gotta say is the only thing that I did like and probably will be using is the Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray. It's a light mist and smells natural and not too strong like most aerosol hairsprays. It's also good for the environment. I've received a Number 4 product before and was happy with it. I'll most likely put this to use.

The Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum Boosting Anti-Aging Serum is probably not for me considering that I'm only 17 and barely have experience any signs of aging yet. So I don't think I'll be using this product any time soon.

The La Fresh Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipes for Women weren't a bad let down. I've received something similar a few months back as an extra and it's been in my cosmetic bag ever since. I'll probably just add these to the collection as emergency extras in my bag.

Also the lifestyle extra for this month was a bit...boring. The twistband printed hair tie I received is just an odd color and print. I'm not the biggest fan of hair ties since I don't really pull my hair up anymore since my haircut. I'll also just keep this in my bag for an emergency day but probably won't end up using it. :(

Overall I really disliked this box. I'm disappointed that this is the wonderful holiday surprise I was looking forward to and it turned out to be the complete opposite. I'll definitely be looking forward to next month's box because I hope it'll make up for this.

Here's everything that was included in my box to shop for as full size items in the Birchbox shop.