Friday! Friday!

Today was a really crazy and super COLD day. Waking up to temperatures of -6 degrees fahrenheit and wind chills of -18 degrees fahrenheit it was pretty intense. School was still on with the exception of a 2-hour delay due to weather. I wasn't able to make it because of the icy roads and chaos outside with the ice cold temperatures. 

Besides the intense temperature lately, being home and relaxing has been cozy. I was introduced to some really delicious candy (pictured below) by my little sister that I thought I'd share with you guys. These candies are all natural, gluten and gmo free. They also taste great! I'm not really into super sugared candy so having something sweet with freeze dried fruit bits, soft and chewy was great and cured my sugar rush. 

The candy is from Lovely Candy Co. I tried the Superfruit chews with flavors of blueberry, raspberry and cranberry. There are other types out there such as fruit chews and caramels. You can purchase 3 bags for about $18 which may sound pricey but I think it's worth it. They're so delicious!