Friday + Saturday.

I know I didn't blog on Friday, and barely on Saturday so I'm making up for that. Yesterday I went out to Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House in Denver with my mom and sister to watch the Colorado Ballet production of The Nutcracker. As a kid, it used to be a drag to go out to things like these but now I was actually delighted to watch it. Pictures aren't allowed during the performance so here are some sample pictures (below) of the actual production that was going on.

About 2 hours later, we were on our way to Park Meadows shopping mall which was great since I haven't done shopping in forever. Sadly I missed out on the Black Friday deals as I always do every year since I don't go Black Friday shopping due to crowds. It was still nice to be at a mall I've never been to and I loved it.

Now to go back, on Friday I spent basically my entire day with Andrew watching Netflix, playing video games and finally getting to see Catching Fire at the movie theater. It was such a great time that I wish the day didn't end! 

Now on to today, I'm stuck doing last minute school work due to procrastination and laundry for the upcoming week of school. Wish me luck! :)