The Future.

I know this post is kind of late and I apologize. This week is all finals week and I still have a couple more to go. I'm working on my Speech final right now and I thought it'd be interesting if I shared my topic with you guys. The topic of my speech is going to be about what I want to become out of high school and I have to influence my class and catch their interest on my topic. I've had this plan about my future career for a few years and so far it has stuck. I'm not sure if I shared this with you guys before but I want to become a future beauty or fashion Editor-in-Chief for a Condé Nast magazine (specifically Teen Vogue). I really wish my dreams come true which is why I'll be majoring in Communications (most likely) in college in technically a few months! I'm really excited and hope I'll be successful. I'd love to accomplish my dream.

To make up for the lack of posts recently, I'll have a couple of surprises tomorrow for you guys so stay tuned and have a great Wednesday!