Saturday Times.

Right now it's about dinner time and I'm going to be heading off to eat with my family soon. We're having soup which is pretty loaded with tons of different vegetables and meat (for me, just vegetables). I gotta admit that I've been eating a lot lately. I really need to hit the gym once I get back to Colorado Springs.

Today I haven't done anything but slouch around. I finally gave in on the "Denim Dilemma" situation and ordered a pretty great pair of jeans that I found from Diesel. It was a pretty risky purchase since they were quite expensive so I really hope they look amazing in person like they do online. 

I can't believe in just about a week my Christmas vacation will be over. It feels as if it just started! My next vacation won't be until the spring so I have a lot of time to be looking forward towards that and also tons of school work.

P.S - two giveaways will be ending soon! Phone Case of the Month and the Juicy Couture giveaway will be ending on the 31st of December so good luck to everyone who has entered so far! I'll announce the winners on New Years so be prepared and get excited.  :)