Sweater Weather!

Ok, so I told you guys I would've posted about those warm fuzzy sweaters from H&M that I got about a week ago. Well, here it is! I couldn't actually get decent pictures of them in person so I snuck over to H&M's website and took the pictures of the ones I own.

One reason I'm so interested in sharing these with you guys is because winter is almost here and these sweaters are not only fashionably cute but reasonably priced too! I got so many compliments from wearing these specific ones to school due to the style and texture which I love.

Fuzzy Long Turtleneck
Price - $29.95
Available here

Ok, whoever told you that turtlenecks are out, I think they're so in this season. This particular one is a bit loose throughout and the material is super SOFT and so warm. I pulled this off by wearing it as a dress with leggings because it really was long, especially on me since I'm only about 5'7.

Bubbly Yarn Knit Sweater
Price - $12.95
Available here

I loved the fact that this sweater was just so...different. The yarn reminds me of super tiny cotton balls strung together but they're fuzzy and attract people. Literally. I walked around school and everyone just wanted to touch it because it stands out and even looks soft. I felt like a fuzzy lamb. Also dont worry about the knitting, it holds up and still keeps you warm. By the way did you see the price? At only about $13 you cannot go wrong with this!

Here are some H&M models wearing both of the sweaters. The long turtleneck is on the left while the knit sweater is on the right (in red).