Benefit They're Real Mascara - Review

I'm always on the hunt for mascara that works with my eyelashes and so far...blah. I purchased the Benefit "They're Real" mascara from Birchbox using my rewards points (leaving me only to pay $3!) and I received the "Bad Gal Lash" mini for purchasing a Benefit Cosmetics full size product for free which was an ongoing promotion at Birchbox. This was a pretty good deal - money wise.

Naturally my eyelashes are curled upwards, medium length, pretty thick and bundled together which can suck usually since mascara can hardly make them look any better.  I still like to wear mascara because it's one of my favorite make up products. It can make your eyes pop on a any day which I love.

As you can see, the brush for the "They're Real" mascara is fit to grab and comb most of your lashes and make them look fuller and longer. In my case there is a slight difference. It made my lashes slightly more spaced and thicker but not by much. I only applied one coat because the mascara itself is not too thick and I didn't want raccoon eyes. For a value of $23, I can say that it's worth it.

As you can see in the above picture, the "Bad Gal Lash" brush is very dramatic and thick. I tend to get stuck with brushes like these and it doesn't really give me much of a change. It adds slight volume but not much more of anything else. It's really hard to apply mascara on your lower lashes with this size brush and the mascara itself is pretty thick even with one coat. Too many coats may leave your eyes too thick with mascara which leads to dryness and clumps.
Overall I would say that the "They're Real" mascara is better for me. I also love that I tired something new!