The Designer Wishlist

Now who wouldn't like a new designer statement piece? I know I sure would love one!

Because of the prices and the fact that I'm an unemployed teenager it has been pretty hard for me to own a new season piece and not one from the previous year that has finally hit the clearance rack.

I'm vowing to treat myself to a specialty one day. I'm hoping to save enough money (my lunch allowance) to actually be able to afford something quite simple, nice, and new!

So, I've been scouring the internet looking for something that my eyes will fall in love with. Let's just say that I've found too many things that I'm attracted to. I want to literally buy them all, but that won't happen unless I want to be in debt. :(

Of course I'll share some of my finds with you guys. Here's a peek:

My obsession for shiny minibags!

Classy watches!

Cute coin purses!

& Chic Parfums!

And so much more! I'm in heaven. <3