Graze Box Review #3

My third Graze box arrived yesterday and instead of eating it all right away like the last time, I made sure to save it for the morning for you guys.

My favorite nibble overall was the summer berry flapjacks! They were so chewy and sweet and the berry-infused cranberries gave them a fruity kick. I've gotta say I loved 3/4 of my box. My mom loved the mango chutney so I gave them to her. My little sister also loved everything and had a bite of them all. Definitely will be looking forward to my Graze box every two weeks and so far I haven't been disappointed. 

Once again, I still have my FRIENDCODE available for you guys. If you sign up with my code you can receive your 1st and 5th box absolutely free! Take advantage of it. Here are the directions.

1. Go to
2. Enter the code: KRISTA4KP
3. Tell them what you like and where you're located.

Here are the nutrition facts of the treats I've received.