Rivet and Sway - Review

Now I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I have 20/20 vision yet still have vision problems at times if that's even possible. My eyes are rather strange. I've never worn glasses a day in my life but maybe that can change all thanks to Rivet and Sway!

There are styles that are suggested for the frame of your face to give you an idea of the fit on your face. 

*Director's Cut*

*5th Avenue*

*High Five*

I ordered "Director's Cut" in uptown black, and "5th Avenue" in cherry blossom, and "High Five" in pink bow tie. They arrived super quick thanks to the free Fed-Ex 2-day shipping! I decided to give them a quick review to share my "Home Try-On" experience.

I've gotta say that my overall favorite is "High Five" in pink bow tie due to the smaller frame size on my face.

The ordering process was super easy. You can pick out up to three glasses at a time online to try on at home for free. Yes, free! No eye doctor appointments needed. Once you find your favorite fit, you pack them right back up in the packaging they came in and put them in your mailbox. (Shipping label included to return try-ons). You can purchase your favorite fit online (all frames are $199) and even add your prescription so that your glasses can be made and delivered at once without any appointments.