Let It Snow!

For those of you who don't know, I live in Colorado Springs and yes the weather here is ridiculous. Colorado is probably one of the very few states where you can experience every single season in just one day!

Today was a pretty chilly day and it actually decided to snow a bit once I got out of school! All I can say is thank goodness for these earmuffs. I'm not much of a hat person since I hate "hat hair". These are probably by far the cutest earmuffs ever! 

The headband is the color teal and made from merino wool. It also says "Baby It's Cold Outside" in red across the headband which perfectly describes this weather. The fur on the ears by the way is faux fur and not merino wool but it still keeps your ears very warm and toasty. 

This is definitely great for people who love styling their hair on cold days but hate messing them up with chunky hats. It's as simple as wearing a headband.

Lucky for you guys, I'm giving one lucky reader a chance to win their very own pair for this winter! Enter Here!