Best Shorts for Summer

I noticed I have fashion in my tagline, but where are the fashion posts? Sorry, I'm slacking, I know. I hope you're ready for the warmer weather as much as I am. I try to make every season a closet cleanup for me, I had some spring cleaning done awhile back which led to giving some things away and donations. I always recommend to giveaway/sell/donate your seasonal pieces DURING that season (no one wants a chunky knit sweater in the summer). And since then I've been in a frenzy to replace my old pieces and thought why not share what I'm interested in or have bought so far.

So I'll be doing just that. Below I listed some nicknames of what I like to call the shorts I picked out pictured above. Everything can be found on Aritzia's website (my favorite store to shop at) and possibly in your local store if you have one in your city! 

1. The Traditional

  • Call me old school but I really don't think you can go wrong with a pair of Levi's. I tend to opt for the longer lengths as I like keeping my booty covered but I do suggest to try these on in your local store first as they can run slightly small in my opinion.

2. The Classic

  • I've heard nothing but good things from people who've purchased AGOLDE jeans or shorts. I was actually influenced to purchased my first pair last year and I've loved the brand ever since. The quality of denim is top tier but the sizing can be a bit funky (runs slightly big). I've been meaning to get my hands on these classic Parker shorts ever since they came out with a longer inseam version. They're pretty popular and do sell out quick so run, don't walk.  

3. The Boxer

  • These have been popping up all along my timeline and I'm starting to really be into them, especially when coordinated with a matching set. You can't go wrong with a breezy set, especially when the warmer months roll around. 

4. The Active

  • Biker shorts are in and whether you actually bike or not doesn't seem to matter, what matters is they're comfortable and here to stay! I love the selection at Aritzia because not only do they have a ton of colors to choose from, you can also choose different lengths and fabric. 

5. The Statement

  • I call these the "statement" shorts because they do just that with any outfit you pair. These are absolutely my favorite shorts to date and I'm glad I invested in them. Be prepared to receive tons of compliments, especially towards the criss cross waistline. I tend to consider my style as pretty "boring" or minimal so this helps spruce up any look. 

6. The Bougie

  • I used to love wearing dressier shorts in college, they're so classy and due to them being flowy, they're comfortable too! I've been meaning to check out this pair as I adore the structured look of them and they'd make any outfit look a bit more put together.

7. The Cozy

  • Quarantine has had me obsessed with sweats so it would only make sense that I suggest a pair of sweatshorts. Hands down the coziest pair I've ever worn as I love all of Aritzia's sweats so highly recommend checking them out.

Hope you guys enjoyed my selections! If you've spotted some cute looks, don't hesitate to reach out to me and send them my way, you know I have an obsession with shopping so I'm always looking into what's new for the season.