How To Travel Well With A New Friend

There are some things in life that you only really understand when you experience them. It’s easy to read a dozen books on parenthood, after all, but having or adopting a child is a new world entirely, and will show the full extent of parental life every single moment of every single day.

That’s not to say you can’t have an informed opinion, of course. Such efforts may help you make a decision in advance. This also translates to our personal lives. 

For example, when about to book a holiday or travel experience with a friend you’ve never traveled with before, you may feel a little nervous. Sure, you’ve read about the destination and have been on vacation before, but this is a new experience entirely. Will they remember their passport? Can they be relied upon? Do you have similar tastes? What if either one of you has advanced medical need, where the other person may need to remain aware of their responsibilities? 

All of this is worth considering and a successful trip is often defined by your planning in advance. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips you can use to travel correctly with a friend, and help you when you have limited experience to draw on.:

Planning Together

It’s important to have a centralized place where you talk over your plans and contain all the information you need. You might set up a specific Google Drive folder with flight booking information, hotel possibilities, and more. A long WhatsApp or social media messaging chat about how excited you are with pieces of disparate information shared can be a good start, but having a basic place you can access every single document, ticket, plan or even proof of sent funds can be invaluable.

Enjoy The Preparation

A good sign that you’ll have a good time on vacation is having a fun time preparing for the vacation. For example, you might go shopping for hiking boots together, pick up cute bikini tops, or head to exchange your currency before you head off. If your friend can be trusted to show up on time, to communicate well, and to talk through what scenarios you’re likely to encounter and how you should prepare (this can be important if you’re attending a particular event like a festival, where you may need to purchase camping equipment), you’re sure to have a great time with your friend.

Managing Compromises & Disagreements

Now, it’s important to note that you don’t have to agree with someone 100% of the time for them to be a great friend, nor to have a wonderful time with them abroad. But it’s important to make your intentions for the trip clear and discuss any sticking points. For example, maybe you’re heading to a beautiful country like Portugal. 

Perhaps you want to visit some of the beautiful churches, amazing restaurants, and drink in the culture. Maybe your friend is more concerned about partying and going out late at night. That’s not necessarily going to ruin the vacation, but it’s important to have a plan regarding when you’ll go out on what nights (depending on events), and when you’ll make time for cultural exploration. This way you can compromise in advance without any messy disagreements or disappoints, and you’ll both know one another’s priority list.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to travel well with your new friend.