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My apologies!

Yes, I know that I'm pretty late with this book club post so I'm surely going to make it up to you guys by changing the time limit for this month. I decided on not only declaring this as the December post but also I will be including it as January's. It reminds somewhat like a magazine when sometimes two months combine into one. I'm done with finals and fall semester so I'm surely going to use up my one month break time wisely (of course the blog will have a chunk of that time too). But without further ado, let's dive in!

The Overnight Socialite: A Novel Bridie Clark

"Never trust a man who spends too much time on his hair."
This month I decided to be a bit random. I was just looking through tons of books online and in bookstores and couldn't figure out what to read. I ended up grabbing this copy and figured what can possibly go wrong. As for the title, (I'm judging after all) I think this may be a quick and possibly delightful read. I won't tell until I open it up!

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The Overnight Socialite: A Novel Bridie Clark

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