Winter Beauty Secret #3

A cleansed face and nourished skin may be enough to satisfy some but that's not all I have tips for! Just because winter's approaching doesn't mean we have to blend in with the ugly snow storms. In fact, we should do the exact opposite! Starting with number three, a fine facial spray.

I don't know about you all but I hate having raccoon eyes or a super oily face by the end of the day after wearing my makeup for hours. I've tried everything from blotting sheets to mattifying moisturizers. I know it's hard to prevent but I do plan on succeeding. My newest try you say? Evian facial spray! Yes, that is in fact made by the same brand who makes the wonderful natural mineral water.

This facial spray helps hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types (including sensitive!). My favorite use of this is for blending my makeup especially with the use of my beautyblender. By lightly moistening my beautyblender with this spray, it makes it much easier to apply and blend my makeup for a precise application. You can do this with any makeup sponge or brush. Also after my makeup has been applied, I like to seal it by misting this product on my face for a natural look. You'll surely be surprised of the difference a light mist can make to your makeup routine with this facial spray!

There are also other options ways you can use this spray. It can be added to your skincare regime, or just throughout the day as a little refreshment. You decide! The hydration is definitely worth it especially with this upcoming season coming. Don't let your skin suffer!

You can pick up a bottle of Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray online in many different sizes and prices. For example the travel size (1.7 oz) has an SRP of $7, the three-pack of travel sizes retail for $19.50, the 5 oz (pictured above) has an SRP of $12, and the professional/economy size (10 oz) has an SRP of $17.50.

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!



*This post is sponsored by Evian*