4 Tips For A Cleaner Home This Year

It's beneficial to live in a clean house. Our physical health benefits from not being exposed to germs and filth, and our mental health benefits from being in a neat and orderly environment, which can help reduce stress. Most of us despise housework, yet it's essential to get it done on a regular basis. Following these pointers will make it much simpler for you to keep a cleaner house in the coming year, and once you get into the habit, you'll find it's much easier to keep it going.

Circle The Kitchen 

Even if the kitchen space is filthy, cleaning will become much easier if you have a system. It's recommended to start with the oven in the kitchen since it's usually the dirtiest spot and will take the longest to clean. In addition, if you clean it beforehand, you won't be re-spreading dirt on it. Continue cleaning in a clockwise direction, soaking dirty pots and pans in the sink as you go and scrubbing them when you're done.

When it comes to cleanliness, the kitchen sink is typically more germ-ridden than a toilet seat, so it's crucial to spend some time there. The first step is to wash the sink with soap, followed by an application of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. You can use mineral oil to polish your sink to a mirror-like finish.

Clean The Carpets 

Vacuuming your carpets should be added to your weekly (or more regular) to-do list, particularly if you have dogs or other fur-shedding pets. However, in order to thoroughly clean the carpet, you will need to use something else; something more robust. The best option is to hire a professional to thoroughly clean your carpet for you. They will have all of the necessary equipment and materials to guarantee that all dirt and germs (including those that are not visible) are eliminated. Doing this once a year is a fantastic idea since it ensures that the dirt accumulation does not last too long and keeps your house clean and much fresher. 

Tackle The Shower Door 

Even if the rest of your bathroom is spotless, the glass shower door can be a major letdown. These are notoriously difficult to keep clean due to the ease with which limescale accumulates on them, usually a sign that you have hard water in your area. The good news is that stopping the water from staining and making them seem unclean is an easy repair. Rub a teaspoon of lemon oil on the glass screen twice a month, and you're done. Instead of dripping down the glass and making it look filthy, water will roll right off the oily coating, and cleaning will be a much easier job with far better results. 

Call The Experts

We've already mentioned how having expert carpet cleaners can be hugely beneficial if you want your home to be as clean as possible, but what about other elements? Sometimes it's best to call in professionals to do the hard work, and then, when they are done, you can simply keep up with the general cleaning, making life much easier and the job much quicker. 

If you have mold in your home, for example, having expert mold and water damage restoration carried out is a great idea and not something you could do yourself. The same is true of other difficult tasks, such as cleaning windows or even the inside of your oven. Always call professionals if you want extra help.