EXTRA EXTRA! Calling All College Students! IV

It's almost that "time" that you're probably dreading. But if you're like me, you may want to get a head start so you can continue to have a stress-free vacation before heading back to that "place". I hope you all are catching the hints here! Sadly that place, as in college is not cheap so maybe slow down on the holiday splurging! I know I'm trying to!

As a freshman that has survived fall semester,  I can agree that college is extremely expensive. My fall semester bill was enough to buy me a variety of Chanel bags and even a pair of Jimmy Choo's. How ridiculous for just a semester?! I've already dived in to my textbook list for spring and I can now say with confidence that most of the books you may end up purchasing may not be used more than twice if you're lucky. Literally, I had a couple that I've used for the first time and that was for studying for finals. Now the question is: should I charge my student account with $$$$ worth of textbooks? Coming from a student, I say no, unless you're generous. There are options out there that need to be discovered and I'll be glad to introduce you to one that I hope rings a bell. 

One word (or maybe three): CampusBookRentals

Renting your textbooks is probably not the first choice that popped into your head when you saw your college textbook list, but I can assure you that it is one that you should definitely think about! CampusBookRentals is a company popularly known for renting textbooks and they also have their even more popular perks. Here's just a few that I'll list below:
  • Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • You can highlight in your rental textbook
  • Flexible renting periods
  • CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
Now, does your college campus bookstore do all of that and possibly more? If so, please let me know what school you're attending so I can possibly request a transfer (joking!). You can even find many more perks on their website. Not only are their textbooks relatively cheap to rent, you'll also be donating to a wonderful cause in the process.

But wait, the best part of all is their new program, RentBack!

I hope I clarified that renting textbooks can surely save you a lot of money. However, with RentBack, you can save yourself even more money (yes, it's possible!). This program is a new initiative that allows you to rent the textbooks you own to other students! If you ended up like me and purchased most of your books new or used, you'll have the opportunity to make use of them (after you're finished using them of course). Is that not the greatest idea ever? You'll have the chance to double the amount of money you spent on your textbook originally than reselling them back to a retailer or local and you'll be helping another student in need for that textbook! Believe it or not, I've listed a video below about the program for you all to learn more. Now you can believe me. 

You can thank me later for saving your wallets! Now you can continue splurging for the holiday's if you haven't done so already. Please do remember that there are other options besides your college campus bookstore. Why pay more when you can pay less (and treat yourself with the savings in the process)? Chanel bags (one day, if you're on sale) here I come!



*This post is sponsored by CampusBookRentals*