Winter Beauty Secret #2

Now I know that you have to protect your face but of course you can't forget about the rest of your body. Dry skin is definitely a no during winter and I'm here to help you overcome that. Starting with number two, a rich moisturizer. 

I think L'OCCITANE is the best when it comes to their rich moisturizers. They have such a huge variety in all kinds of scents and skincare needs. The one pictured above is the all time favorite best seller Almond Milk Concentrate

This moisturizer is rich in scent and texture. It's a like a dream come true! It's so smooth on your skin with its creamy, silky texture and powerful almond extracts. In my opinion it would be a great addition to anyone's beauty regime and to all skin types. Your skin will soften and stay hydrated for a very long time. I don't see what's not to love. Oh and the packaging, absolutely perfect!

You'll surely feel nourished throughout winter with this beauty product by your side. I'm sure of it! Soft skin here we come! You can pick up a jar on the L'OCCITANE website for $49. I like to call this product splurge worthy.

Stay tuned for more upcoming beauty secrets!