Cartier Love Ring Unboxing

Oooh are you ready for an unboxing of yet another one of my bougie birthday gifts to myself? Yes, two unboxings in one month?! Crazy right? My 25th birthday is definitely one for the books because the keywords were: spoil yourself; and I did not hold back! While I was enjoying my stay in Beverly Hills, I decided to do some shopping on Rodeo Drive (never thought I'd be able to say that) and popped into the Cartier jewelry store for my special appointment.

Guess what's in the box! Hint: it's in the title of this post.

But first, can we talk about this packaging? Beyond beautiful! And the design? So intricate and lux, like you gotta see it to believe it. You can feel the quality to the touch and I don't think I've ever owned any jewelry in my life that came packaged so elegantly. I guess this is partially where all your money goes lol.

If you guessed ring (without looking at the title) you're correct! I decided to go with the classic love ring in 18K yellow gold after debating with myself on whether I wanted the love wedding band or traditional love ring. Go big or go home right? So love ring it is and I have no regrets! I've literally been wearing it nearly everyday since I purchased it and I'm in love.

After purchasing during my appointment I was able to have my ring engraved. Something about putting my name or initials on something gets me excited so of course I opted to have the initials KD engraved on the inside of my band which was free of charge (with purchase) and only took about 5 minutes!

The store was beautifully laid out and while I didn't search out any other particular pieces, I'm happy I had the physical store experience rather than ordering online and shipping to my home.

Immediately after purchase I noticed how shiny the yellow gold was. Not "fake" shiny but definitely new shiny. Since I'm writing this post almost two weeks after purchase, I can definitely say the ring is still a tad bit shiny, however, with normal wear and tear I have tons of visible scratches/markings currently. I think it's almost impossible to keep this in perfect condition for everyday wear so if you're not a perfectionist like me, I hope this won't drive you crazy.

I hope you guys enjoy these mini unboxing posts, I'll try to remember to do more for the future so stay tuned and always remember to spoil yourself, you deserve it!