The Discreet Answer To Straighter Teeth

Invisalign a great way to allow your teeth to be realigned in a way that means that braces can be avoided. It is something that over 3 million people worldwide have discovered and it has helped to truly change their lives. But how does it actually work? And is there a dentist who can help you receive Invisalign treatment? In this article, we discuss what Invisalign is, what benefits it brings and which dentist you can get it from.

But first of all, what are Invisalign dental services and what can you expect when you visit a dentist? There is only one place to begin and that’s with a description of Invisalign. It's a way to achieve that smile you've always wanted. Previously, the only way to realign teeth was through having braces glued to them for upwards of two years. For many, the unappealing look of braces glued to their teeth was – and is – something they want to avoid. Invisalign means you can get the smile you deserve while still avoiding this confidence-affecting issue. 

Invisalign straightens teeth via the usage of custom-made, removable and invisible aligners that are replaced every two weeks. The straighteners are updated on this regular basis to account for the small changes and corrections being made to your teeth. Seeing the gradual correction of a crooked smile, almost day by day, allows for the appreciation of just what dentists utilising Invisalign offer. It also has the added advantage of being far more comfortable to the user. That's because the aligners can be removed to eat without worry of food getting stuck in between the braces and teeth. Users can also remove the aligners to brush their teeth safely or otherwise leave their mouth clear for a short period of time when needed. This is a great way to get the benefit of braces that are virtually invisible – allowing you to continue to smile with confidence. 

The advantages offered by Invisalign over braces are very clear to see. But obviously, people still want to find the best Invisalign dentist. Invisalign itself is instantly more expensive than standard metal braces and white braces; however, it isn't as expensive as invisible braces. And while it works marginally slower than the other options, it is the best option when it comes to slight or moderate cases of teeth needing to be realigned. For those who abhor the idea of being seen with braces on, it is the cheapest option available that is virtually invisible. However, each case varies and prices can change depending on the amount of work done. 

But a good dentist will be open and transparent with you about the expected costs and timescales associated with using Invisalign or any method of realignment using braces. A good dentist will also consult you before making any recommendations on a treatment plan. 

During this consultation, they should check your teeth and get a feel for your lifestyle to understand whether or not Invisalign is the most effective realignment option for you. From there, the dentist will take x-rays to get an impression of your teeth so that they can create a 3D image in order to make the custom aligners.