Escape to: Seattle

If you knew the number of times I've traveled to Seattle within the past few months, you'd probably want to come for me for not posting this sooner. I have no valid excuses, so here it is! Sooner rather than later. This take is from a little overnight day trip I took (when you live in Portland and you're only 2 1/2 hours driving distance away, you claim Seattle as a second home, it's only right).

First up, there's no way you can go to Seattle without seeing the iconic Space Needle. Like how dare you? I'd recommend purchasing a CityPASS or the bundle for the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass as they're literally side by side and are two of the most beautiful attractions. 

If you're anything like me and grew up in a walkable city, Seattle will suit you. Although I reach the city by driving, I always park (street parking is so inexpensive, I'm jealous) and take a stroll around. I literally walked to all the sights you see pictured in this post. The Pike Place Market is also a go-to when visiting. Whether you'd like to purchase some local flowers, fruits, or veggies, it's also a nice crowded place to people watch. P.S. don't miss out on the very first original Starbucks and Gum wall nearby!

As similar to Portland, the city is bustling with greenery and amazing architecture. I'm fascinated each and every time I make a trip. From trees, to shrubs, to octagonal skyscrapers, it's undefeated. I would take this time to walk around the downtown/Belltown area. Whether you want to go shopping (I recommend stopping into the Nordstrom, it's HUGE), grab a donut, or just relax on a bench, do it!

Lastly, make your way down to the waterfront, where you absolutely should take a spin on the Great Wheel, no questions asked, as the panoramic views are worth it on a sunny day. You can also pop into the aquarium if that's your thing or walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park, where not only would you get to see some creative figurines, if you look closely, you'll also see the Space Needle peeking through. 

There's so much you can see or do whether you were to visit for a few hours, a day, or a week! I'd recommend staying in the downtown or South Lake Union area for walkable adventures and to knock out most of the main tourist attractions. Take that trip you've been longing for, or hop in your car and travel to your closest nearby city!