Yesterday + Today.

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, I was so caught up with netflix and my boyfriend (Andrew). It was a really nice day out too. I'm pretty sure that the temperature went up to at least 80 degrees but did get slightly windy later on through out the day which was a nice breeze. 

I spent my morning relaxing and freshening up. My afternoon was with Andrew where we went to Chipotle (his first time) and I totally destroyed (literally) my vegetarian burrito (shown below) while he had his first burrito bowl, I'm so proud! And my night was pretty calm and fun; video games and sports with the boys. :)

Today was my lazy day. I cleaned up my room which is what I needed to do for the longest time ever. I somewhat organized my bookcase (shown below). I need to upgrade my bookcase to keep my magazines organized before it falls apart. I can actually tell that my middle shelf is slowly bending due to the weight of my magazines. And that's not even all of them!