Good Time!

Fun, fun, fun, oh how I love having so much fun. Today was a pretty cozy day. Woke up to Pretty Little Liars which is always a blast and then made plans for the rest of the day with Andrew due to cancelled plans yesterday. :D

Earlier today we (me + Andrew) went to see The Purge. Surprisingly it wasn't a bad movie and I'm pretty jumpy during scary/creepy movies but this one was ok. I liked it! Hopefully people won't view this as a realistic thing to do in real life. NOT acceptable!

Later on we went exploring for a candy shop. We had a craving for sweets but did not want to spend theater prices for candy (almost $5...seriously -_-, but the ticket prices are really nice here compared to back home in NYC). We never did find the candy we wanted after staring at an aisle full of reasonably priced candy in Target. Then of course my craving (anything Mexican) kicked in so off we went to Chipotle once again where I made him order his first burrito and I got my first burrito bowl. Lovely of course! 

Now I'm home blogging away and will head back to watch more PLL, probably read the new July edition of Cosmopolitan and skype with Andrew. Goodnight! <3