Oh Yeah, June!

It's officially summer and I'm finished with junior year. YES!!! I'm super excited to start senior year of high school in August. 

But anyways, here is a quick introduction about myself.

Well I go by Krissy, I'm 17 years old and I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm a New York City native and so far I'm unemployed. I know I'm still a teenager but I do want to experience working one day. I'll work on that through-out the summer. I don't even have my driver's license! Also one random thing about me is that I decided to go vegan again this summer, I'm usually vegetarian all year. I tried it last summer and I loved the results but couldn't handle it during the school year due to very limited options of food choice. Yes, I have strange eating habits.

So far, I'm honestly bored. I've been out of school since May 24th and nothing interesting has really happened since then. I decided to create this blog because of my love and interest for blogging in general. I hope to share my fun and exciting moments with you readers through-out my summer and hopefully (if I'm not too busy) my senior year. :)