Sunday Funday.

Good morning! I've been up for maybe about 3 hours now. Within that time we (me + family) went out for breakfast since everyone was lazy and didn't want to make breakfast at home. I didn't mind either way. 

I was pretty upset once I got to IHOP and placed my order only to be told that NY cheesecake pancakes had been removed from the menu. I've been ordering NY cheesecake pancakes for years. They're so yummy, how dare they remove them?! :( 

Well instead I ordered red velvet pancakes which weren't as yummy as NY cheesecake pancakes but they were very fulfilling and...pretty. My eggs and hashbrowns were also top notch. I had to postpone my vegan diet until July because I noticed everywhere I go it's really hard having vegan options at hand. The closest Whole Foods is about 12 miles away!