Making A Massage Session Even Better

Investing a little time and effort into self-care is important for anyone and everyone to do. However, sometimes, an extra pair of hands can really lend itself to a better experience. You don’t need to be a fully qualified massage therapist to offer a better massage to a loved one or to receive one in return. Here, we’re going to look at some ways that you can make a massage even more effective in aiding with relaxation, good vibes, and even a little pain management.

Enrich all the senses

A massage can be about a lot more than just the feeling of getting hands-on with another’s body and working out the kinks in their muscles. That touch is going to be the most important thing but you can really take them away to a different mental mindscape if you utilize the other senses as well. One of the most important of these is the sense of smell, and making the use of essential oils in your massage as suggested by can play a big factor in helping them relax much more easily.

Creating a soundscape

The sense of smell isn’t the only sense that you should try speaking to, either. When it comes to setting a scene and helping someone ease into a new experience, music can play an important role as well. After all, if you’re offering a massage to nothing but the sounds of silence, then it might feel a little awkward or uncomfortable for longer. There are plenty of great relaxation playlists you can find as well as zen relaxation apps that play various soundscapes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be music to do the trick.

Get green with it

Aromatherapy is based on imbibing the natural qualities of all manner of plants and extracts, but it’s done primarily through scent. There are some products that can be absorbed through the skin for a more direct impact. CBD products such as body butter and lotions from can go through the skin to directly affect specific areas of the body. Not only is CBD widely purported to be excellent for helping people relax, but a lot of people use it to treat inflammatory pain, especially around the joints.

Know what to stay away from

If you’re not a trained massage therapist, then the most important thing to know is which sensitive areas of the body you can cause harm to if you end up putting pressure on them in the wrong way. Take a look at a massage cheat sheet to help you get a better idea of what to avoid. Don’t try diving into territory that you’re not trained or equipped to handle, just focus on giving what you can with the skills that you have right now.

A massage is already a powerful expression or care when it’s given to those close to you, and can offer real relief from stress and pain. The tips above can help make it even more effective.