Catbird Unboxing

I haven't been so excited about new jewelry pieces since I last did my Mejuri unboxing. Being influenced (once again) via YouTube, I overheard about the jewelry store Catbird. I missed them on my list of stores to check out while I was in NYC but I did not hesitate to place an order online. This will probably be my tiniest/daintiest unboxing ever but the piece is oh so worth it.

I'm still slowly building my gold jewelry collection and I'm having a hard time finding pieces that are affordable, minimal, and catches my eye. I think it's time I hit the local shops around town to see if I can score any pieces but for now, online shops it is!

Now let me tell you, Catbird did not have to show out like this. I believe I requested my order to be gift wrapped as I was planning to showcase this unboxing on the blog but I was amazed at the little goodies that was tossed in there. In addition to the piece I ordered, I received a pen, notepad, stickers, and matches! Not to mention this was all free and such a generous touch. If you're not a fan, there is an option to opt out of the goodies as well. 

Now onto the real reason why you're here. The goods. I ordered the famous initial charm to add to my collection as I've been on the hunt for either a nameplate or initial necklace. If you know me, I love writing in lowercase on social media and was really particular about having a personalized lowercase necklace. Coming across this charm was the best thing I could've run into because not only is it everything I was looking for, it's super affordable and 14k yellow gold!

Unexpectedly, I was able to slip this charm right onto my Mejuri baby box chain necklace which worked out perfectly considering I wear it everyday. I do plan on purchasing a new chain necklace as I would love to have a layering situation going on but I can't get over how cute this combo is. The letter "k" is perfect and I've been enjoying it for about a week now and haven't run into any snagging or bending issues which has been my past worries when it came to dainty nameplate necklaces. 

With the holidays coming up this can be a perfect gift for a friend, significant other, or just about anyone who's into jewelry. Do let me know if you know of any online or local shops who sell 14k yellow gold pieces as I would love to check them out!