Hello IG

As much as I try to be consistent with social media, it's hard believe it or not! As you all know, when I started blogging wayyyyy back, I immediately created social media pages to keep you guys up to date. If you've been keeping up, you'd noticed that was not the case as I slowly drifted off each page without a word (sorry).

Let's be real, I probably won't be returning to all of my pages, but I did want to introduce a new one to you guys. I'm back on Instagram! I technically didn't create a new page which is what I initially wanted to do. Instead, I archived (and deleted) all of my posts, and removed over 95% of my followers to have a fresh start so it looks like new.

You can now easily keep up with me most days as I'll try my best to be active on stories as I did on Snapchat (no promises, you know me), and I'll also be posting new content. So if you'd like to stay active with me, just head over to IG and follow @krxssy, don't hesitate to dm me if you ever have any questions or just wanna say hi!