Escape to: New York City

Home sweet home. Usually I'm never in a rush to book a flight to NY but I'll admit it has been long overdue. I ended up taking a solo (unplanned) trip as a last hoorah for the summer and it was well worth it. I've noticed every time I visit since I've moved, there's a few changes here and there; whether it's new store openings, or an upgrade in the technology, but regardless the roots and culture remains so it's easy to jump right back into the regular routine. 

To switch it up, instead of resorting straight to Brooklyn to stay with family or friends, I stayed in the heart of NYC for the first time. This trip had more of a local feel since I did not hit up any museums, or attractions. I planned to put my feet up, enjoy some good food, check out the views and relax. (Also my bf couldn't make this trip so I'd promise we'd come back so he can take in all the touristy activities). 

Staying in Midtown was quite relaxing as it's not the busiest of neighborhoods in Manhattan but it's also center so you're close by tons of coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping areas. Late night would bring out more crowds to devour into some yummy food or simply hang out and catch up with friends.

I went ahead and booked a hotel that I knew would provide me with comfort, an accessible location, and some crazy views of the city. Arlo NoMad provided just that. I'd recommend booking one of their sky rooms (king or queen) to get the best views possible. I stayed 27 stories up and I was fascinated each time I entered my room with their floor to ceiling windows showcasing the city.

Now I'll admit, the rooms are rather small if you're not used to the NYC lifestyle. All rooms are 150 sq ft but the view from my sky room was worth every bit of it (besides dealing with the nosy construction workers peeping into my room). There's also rooftop access for guests and locals on the 31st floor. It's unlike any other because you're super close to the Empire State Building and after 4pm when their bar opens up for reservations, it's nice to grab a drink and take it all in.

It's only right that when I visit NY, regardless where I am, I always go back to my roots, which means visiting my old neighborhood, eating at the food spots (that are still around) that I enjoy as a kid. This time around I took a pit stop in Dumbo, Brooklyn. When I was younger, I used to enjoy walking along Water Ave with friends and grabbing some food. It honestly felt the same, nostalgia instantly kicked in. It's a short train ride back to Bed-Stuy where I was able to stop by and catch up with some family friends.

On my last day I had to return to grab a quick bite before I leave. I always get the question, "will I ever move back?". Lately I've been thinking about it only because I miss the city and culture, but there's just so much out there in the world that I'd love to experience that I think NYC is a closed chapter, for now.

I always say it's a city to visit for sure, but definitely get out there and you'd be surprised where you can end up living and loving!