Current MakeUp Favorites

Surprise surprise! This is my first makeup post in such a long time. If you didn't know, I halted on using makeup for the past few years mainly due to laziness and my new profound obsession with skincare.

A few weeks ago I met up with one of my close friends to hit Las Vegas for her birthday and she had the idea that we'd attempt makeup looks for her birthday dinner. This meant I needed new products ASAP as everything I owned were years old and dried up. It's crazy to see how much makeup has evolved since then, I was almost clueless walking into Sephora. With a little help from their beauty advisors, I was able to find some newbies and return to some oldies that work for me and thought I'd share them with you guys.

1. Dior BACKSTAGE Face & Body Foundation

  • I was super skeptical about this foundation because I'm always iffy of trying makeup products from brands/designers who doesn't necessarily devote their time to makeup. However when I asked for a light non-irritating foundation that had buildable coverage I was recommended this. I love the way this foundation blends. It sinks into your skin and matches perfectly I almost didn't realize anything was on my face when I was testing it. I've yet to try it on my body so can't report on that but it made it through the dinner without looking oily/greasy afterwards!

2. NARS Mini Radiant Creamy Concealer

  • After watching many makeup tutorials on YouTube for years, I was always drawn to this concealer since it was the most talked about. Not gonna lie, I kinda get the hype! I've never really implemented concealer into my makeup routine before and it's a game changer if you ask me. I went for a shade a bit lighter than my foundation for highlighting purposes and it definitely made me look more alive.

3. Laura Mercier Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder

  • This is an oldie but a goodie. When I was wearing makeup religiously in college (cringe), this was the first setting powder I've ever tried and I stuck by it. I noticed that they increased the shade range by two colors for added pigment but I was a bit nervous and went for the original translucent shade as I've never had a problem. It's long lasting and never seems to cake up or crease in the areas I've used it in!

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Clear Brow Gel

  • Another oldie but goodie, it's hard for me to steer away from Anastasia's brow products. This is the only brow gel I've ever used and I almost forgot how good it is. My brows tend to get a bit unruly and I no longer like adding pigment to them as my hairs are naturally dark so this is perfect for cleaning them up and making sure they stay in place.

5. ILIA Mini Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara

  • Now if you've been around for some time, you'd know my holy grail mascara has always been the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real. I didn't think I could find anything to replace it and unfortunately I'm unable to use it anymore as my eyes have become really sensitive to the formula. I've been seeing this brand all over IG and was recommended to try it based on it's more natural formula. Officially I'm in love! The brush is phenomenal as it literally combs through your lashes and the formula didn't have me red eyed or irritated by the end of the night. 

Shout out to the beauty gurus as I had no idea on what I was doing but these products worked great together and I look forward to using them more for any occasion. I decided to test them in mini sizes in case they didn't work for me and now I'm tempted to run back and get the full size. Let me know your go to products!