5 Features To Make Your House Feel More Like A Home

Your house is your haven and is a place where you should always feel relaxed, happy, and safe. Whether you own your property or not, it is a place that should feel like home. With your comforts and additions, your house can soon feel more like home. Here are some ideas. 


Adding memorabilia around your home is a great way to display memories of your loved ones. 

For instance, to commemorate your loved ones you can add burial vaults for urns to your rooms. These can fit in with your interior and is a nice way to have them as a part of your home forever. Or, you can add photos and objects that represent the person that you have lost. 

Even if it is a small contribution, memorabilia will make your home feel personal to you and help you bring good memories into your everyday living space. 


Houseplants are a great way to freshen up any room and make it feel airier. An airy space is bound to inspire you and keep you feeling refreshed. 

Plants are ideal for improving air circulation and reducing odors, which will make your home feel cleaner and more welcoming. Add them to your windows or tables to increase the vibrancy and freshness of your home. 


Speaking of odors, you can make your home permanently free of them with fragrance. You can add diffuser or candles to every room to make the entire home smell fresher. 

You can add your favorite scents so that the home feels more personal to you. Certain scents represent your personality or good memories. To increase that experience, add diffusers to some rooms so that you have long-lasting and all-day fragrance throughout the home. 

To make your home more welcoming for you and your guests, try adding scents to the entranceway. If you smell something nice and warming when you enter the home it is bound to feel more inviting

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are great at warming up space. If you often feel cold or not cozy in your living room or bedroom, try adding some cushions or blankets. With the added texture and warmth, you will feel more settled at cozy. 

You can also add soft furnishings to other rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom. Soft mats and cushion pads increase comfort and make the rooms more welcoming and warm. 

Upgrade the walls

If your walls are bare, due to the color or lack of art, then fill them with your favorite art or paint. Having bare walls is bound to make the home feel clinical and uninviting. To turn this around, you can add fun designs to the walls with paints or materials. 

For those who like neutral colors but still want to upgrade the walls and make every room feel more personal and home-like, then you could add your favorite art. Even one or two images on each wall can make a huge difference to a room.