Escape to: Las Vegas

This is a sign to book a spontaneous trip with some good company.

Lately, I've been feeling as if I've been bit by the travel bug. I'm so antsy to go places. So, am I a travel blogger now? Let's just say I ended up in Vegas, and wanted to share a few things you can do, whether for a day trip, few days, or a stretch it for a week! Just an FYI, I did rent a car to explore beyond the Strip.

First, I'd highly recommend you make your way to the famous Las Vegas sign. It's about a mile outside of the Strip, a little less than 10 mins and was worth it.

Secondly, the Seven Magic Mountains are such a pretty sight! Sadly as I approached the area, it was currently under a bit of construction to be repainted, but I was still able to get a decent view from afar. This was a bit more of a drive, about 20-25 mins, and seemed to be hidden off into the desert, but you won't be disappointed. 

Now be ready for some heat, literally. The Neon Museum was a dope spot to check out; however, I’d recommend going in the evening rather than daytime (you’d be able to take pics with an actual camera and possibly won’t catch a heat stroke). It was a boneyard and looked exactly like that. Was pretty small and quick to get through, so if you’re all about taking pics, it’s the perfect place for that. 

If you recognize these colorful pipes, chances are you're a local or a google addict such as myself. This wasn’t too far away from the Neon Museum, so I decided to swing by. The park was rather chill but nothing special besides these colorful pipes, which makes a cool backdrop for any pic. 

Now for the real reason you’re probably in Las Vegas, and that’s to hit the Strip. Yes, it’s everything you’ve probably pictured. Loud, busy, rated R, the list goes on. However, there are some stopping points that are worth stepping aside for, such as pulling aside to the Bellagio Fountains and taking in the view of “Paris.” 

Due to this trip being a bit spontaneous, not much planning went into play, and I was still able to do tons of sightseeing, eat great food, and of course, do a bit of guilty shopping. I hope this inspires you to take that trip you’ve been thinking of; you deserve it!