Fenty Skin Review

When was the last time I've done a skincare review? Too long right? Yeah, I thought so. Well here's one that I'm sure you all have been seeing everywhere so I thought I'd chime in. Fenty Skin! Yes, Queen Rih has joined the skincare community and I'm excited. Her products were made to minimize your routine and to be used all at once for effective results. So here are my thoughts based on a 2 week trial:

I decided to go to with the Fenty Skin Start'r Set as I didn't want to commit to the full size products all while still getting the chance to try everything. This set is optimized for you to achieve your best skin in 3 simple steps. Cleanse, tone, and hydrate. 


  • I was a bit nervous about the total cleans'r because the consistency was unlike a cleanser I've used before. It was slightly thick and gooey to say the least. It also had a faint smell that reminded me of a mixture of cocoa butter and vanilla. This made me nervous due to my skin sensitivity and reaction to scented products. However, over the course of two weeks, I can say don't hate it BUT it's not my favorite. It lathers well and definitely makes me feel as if I'm sufficiently cleaning my face without drying my skin out but for some reason I don't feel as if my skin is as clean as it should be.
  • The name fat water makes me laugh and I love it mainly for that reason. I thought this would be great to replace my witch hazel but I was especially surprised by the consistency. It's definitely thicker than water so I opted to use my fingers when applying rather than my typical cotton pad. As for doing its job of refining pores, improving the looks of dark spots and brightening skin, eh, I'll be honest, I couldn't really tell a difference. 
  • Last but not least, the hydra vizor. The plus side that had me sold was that this moisturizer is made with spf 30. However, I'm a little disappointed by how moisturizing it is, or lack thereof. Normally when applying sunscreen alone I use a pretty large amount to make sure I'm protected, since this is such a tiny 1oz bottle, I didn't want to overdue the usage so I typically use 3-4 pumps which I still feel isn't as effective as my go-to sunscreen. I can say my skin definitely doesn't look shiny throughout the day which is a plus but it makes me wonder if it's because of the lack of moisturizing effectiveness. Also the scent is subtle and no white cast!

Overall I would say I enjoyed trying something new! Would it replace my previous skincare routine, probably not but I wouldn't mind trying it again in the future. For $40 I felt that the price was semi-fair considering the size of the products and the fact that a little goes a long way with the exception of the moisturizer. I felt my skin having minor breakouts here and there but wasn't sure if I should blame the products or mackne (mask acne?). You can now find them at your local Sephora so pop in and take a look, everyone's skin is different so what may not work for me can potentially work for you!