Denver Auto Show | 5/7

Hey guys!

I wanted to share something cool today, a little out of my niche, but a topic I can rave about. Last weekend I decided to tag along to my first ever auto show in Denver. It turned out to be super crowded as it was held at the Convention center.

There were cars featured from Toyota to Bentley. Sadly, you couldn't interact with some of the higher end vehicles like Lamborghini and McLaren but you were able to admire their beauty from a distance.

I'm really big on German engineering so you'd noticed I'm mostly sharing German branded vehicles that I fell in love with. Take it all in!

I would love to purchase a Porsche Macan. I'm so used to driving small coupes that I think a mini SUV should be my next ride. I'm big on the Macan, Audi Q3 (sadly I forgot to take pictures but I did get to hop in), and the BMW X1-X5 series. I think this will work well for myself possibly living in a larger city once I graduate college as I need more room to be able to shop and hang out with friends.

Of course I saved the best for last. I can't believe how much the Volkswagen Beetle has changed compared to my first little old lovebug. I can't decide what I would like my next car to be but hopefully I won't have to consider that for another few years as the price tags are not satisfying. 

I hope you all enjoyed a little preview of my weekend. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!