April Goals

Happy April!

This means we're getting much closer to summer but I'm still basking and appreciating the spring air. You're probably a little confused by the image and I'll get into that in just a second. Lately I've been trying to set new goals for my future self. One thing that I have been thinking about for awhile (not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog before) but I have dreams to become a YouTube vlogger. 

Pictured above is my banner that's currently on my YouTube channel (that I've apparently had since 2011 but never interacted with). For something so simple, I felt as if it took me hours to create because I'm not the greatest when it comes to designing themes, logos, and banners. I tend to stay on the minimalist side of things. I would love to start vlogging this summer but I still have a lot of researching to do, equipment to purchase, etc, before I can get the hang of things.

I'll always be a blogger first, and this way I'll have two outlets for people who prefer visual versus audio. As for this month, I don't have any set goals besides getting the semester over with but I do have some exciting news that I'll be announcing within the next month so stay tuned!