Currently in California

I know, I know. I'm back in California and of course I'm loving every last second of it. Can you blame me? Like why can't I just graduate college and live here already?! Hopefully that day comes sooner rather than later because I'm waiting...impatiently.

Anyhow, I'm finally (and I mean FINALLY) having a mini vacation since I've been working all summer and I literally go back to college in a few weeks. My family decided to head to Disneyland for a few days and I couldn't help but convince them to check out some cool spots around Los Angeles because hey, I like to think of it as my future home away from home.

I'm hoping to post a quick snippet of Disneyland within the next couple of days so definitely stay tuned! I promise you won't be disappointed. Also be sure to check out my snapchat (username: krissydeane) for live videos and pictures during my stay. :)