Disneyland 2016

I've made it to Disneyland! This was my first visit since I typically always go to Walt Disney World. I can't decide which one is better but since Disneyland is located in California, it has definitely earned some bonus points from me.

As for thrill, it sort of failed in that category but hey, I still had a fun experience. I absolutely loved the parades and the fireworks at the end of the day. I totally can see myself grabbing a couple of friends and heading back for a mini vacay mostly because of the cheery atmosphere.

I regret not taking more photos as I thought I would. It was super hard just to get a shot of the castle without a million people getting between the castle and my viewfinder (hence the crowded that I tried my best to crop out haha).

Overall, it was a good time! I was at the park for over 10+ hours in one day, so you can imagine the soreness that my feet went through, my dead iPhone battery, and the amount of "excuse me"'s I had to say, but hey, I like to think that it was worth it.