I've been a lipstick hater for many years. Yes, a lipstick HATER. I've been rocking chapstick and lip tints for too long to make the switch. You can consider that I'm late bloomer. 

But wow did I blossom! I currently have a lipstick obsession (especially for M.A.C) which I still can't decide if it's a good thing. M.A.C has stepped me out of my comfort zone from a range of nudes to those "oh my gosh that's so obnoxious" colors that I generally wouldn't turn to.

M.A.C Heroine Lipstick

Heroine was my very first bright lipstick purchase. It's a matte bright purple and I fell in love. I remember swiping it over my lips and closing my eyes because I didn't want to witness what I thought would be the dreadful embarrassment of an unattractive shade.

I like to think that I was wrong, I did hesitate a bit before purchasing but I almost wanted to wear it everyday after I did. It's the perfect summer color and looks great on anyone in my opinion. So let's all vow to step out of our comfort zone and pep up our wild sides!