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October 27, 2014

Let the Music Take You!

I received this product for review purposes

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is in fact the cutest little vintage radio you've probably ever saw and it's made by Crosley, your go-to brand to find the coolest radios with an inexpensive price tag!

Pictured above, I'll be focusing on the Crosley Songbird (in pink)!

This little radio can be everything you'd ever want and more. It has a soft, durable carry strap that's gives off a faux leather look for carrying around your music on the go. It's battery powered (for on the go purposes) and also includes a AC adapter for indoors. The two knobs on the front have basic functions such as volume (on the left) and tune (on the right). The LCD screen lights up blue when plugged in and switched on for the radio (also when using batteries). 

For such a small thing, it sure has quite a bit of specifications that come along with it. First you've got your AM/FM alarm clock radio, digital tuner, AM/FM radio, dynamic full range speaker, portable audio ready-simply plug in your portable audio device or MP3 player, headphone jack, wood style cabinet, vinyl-wrapped, AC power adapter, and 5 AA batteries. You'd be surprised how easy it is to set up! It literally took me about five minutes to set up the time, date, and alarm.

On the bottom of the LCD screen you'll have (starting from left to right) the date, day, temperature, and time. Currently the alarm symbol (located above the time on the right) is set up and you'll also have the option to set up a snooze timer. I couldn't believe how amazing the radio works and with the help of the antenna located on the back you'll surely be able to find a great frequency that works for you in your environment. Also if you're not a big fan of radios, you can connect your iPod or MP3 player with no problem at all! My only con is that I wish the time was visibly larger to be able to see from a distance.

Overall this portable radio would make an amazing gift for someone this holiday season. Wishlist anyone? It's available currently in blue, green, pink, orange, and turquoise for only $49.95 on Crosley's website or you can find it at other retailers such as Target or Walmart! Now I do consider that a reasonably price alarm clock radio. It surely doesn't take up much space on a night table and you gotta admit that it's cute! 

Be sure to check out what else Crosley have to offer on their website this holiday season!



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  1. What a super cute radio! This would be perfect for toting along to the beach, park, lake, drive in movie theater.... yup, I need one!

  2. That is so neat! I love the color and it's so cute too! I would love to have this with me for travels. Very stylish!

  3. I am loving the retro look. I've seen the Jukeboxes at Target and have always wanted to get one. I'm loving this pink color.

  4. Ahhh, Can I say this is seriously too cute!!! It is like a mini retro radio! I adore it!!! I think it is awesome you can plug your mp3 player in it as well!!! Great color as well! Ahh I just adore this! hehe. Thank you for sharing!! Checking their site out now!!

  5. That is so cute and fashionable. Really nice one to have for music lovers. I want one lol!

  6. What a cute radio! I love the color pink too. I have heard a lot of great things about the company Crosley. I hope you enjoy your radio.

  7. So cute! I was always looking for a small but loud radio thi summer for next to my pool. That one wpuld have been perfect!

  8. I love how portable this is what a cool radio! This would be a great gift!

  9. I love this radio, how cute is that?! I want this right now for my room!