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October 6, 2014

Julep - Welcome Box

For those of you who are not quite familiar with Julep, here's an opportunity to learn more and if interested, score yourself a free box (shipping excluded)! I absolutely love nail polish and Julep is a trusted nail polish subscription that I am quite familiar with. However, I typically don't participate in their subscription service mainly because of the pricey tag it comes with and I'm a college student with a limited budget.

I did want to share the contents of what came in my free welcome box for those of you who may be interested in the service. The welcome box is free but shipping is $2.99 which is quite reasonable for over $60 of goodies. The subscription itself is now $24.99 monthly (Julep increased the price from the previous $19.99 per month). 

The code I used for this box was "FREEFALL" which at the time was being advertised as a "Fall Fashion Neutrals 4-Piece gift". I gotta admit I was pleased with the box since it only costed me $2.99. However I wasn't too please with the glittery colored polishes as they're my least favorite. I'm surely going to indulge in the "Luxe Repair" skin serum for sure. I know that Julep is all about nails/cuticles so it'll be a bit different trying something out for my skin made by them.

Overall my main purpose for this post was to share some coupon codes (stated below) for free Julep boxes that I saw floating around on advertisements. I'm not too sure if they all are current and working but it's worth a shot. Grab your box and if you don't like it, you can cancel at anytime by calling customer service!

FREEBOX - Julep Maven Welcome Box
FREECITY - City Lights 4-Piece Welcome Box
FREEFALL - Fall Fashion Neutrals 4-PieceWelcome Box
SPELLBOUND - Spellbinding Beauty 4-Piece Welcome Box
FREETREATS - Spellbinding Beauty 4-Piece Welcome Box

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  1. I've actually never tried Julep before since I'm not too huge a fan of polishes. I tend to stick with what I like and I like choosing my own colors.

    1. Julep has actually upgraded and now you're able to fully customize your box once you're a Maven which should be great for $24.99! :)