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October 14, 2014

Changing the World

I received this product for review purposes

Did you know that you can have the chance to donate to charity and sort of be rewarded too? Well, you can if you decide to purchase a 1:Face watch! Each watch has it's own metric of donation to a specific cause. For instance, you purchase a watch, a donation to charity will be made, and the watch is yours! Win-win! Each watch is $40 ($99 for touchscreen) and supports a various amount of causes.

Pictured above is the 1:Face Red Cross watch. The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies. One watch equals food for three disaster victims. 

One thing that caught my eye immediately was the packaging. On the left side of the box it states "THIS IS NOT A WATCH", which I can honestly agree with because it's more than a watch, it's a chance to help others. Currently there are ten watches with different causes to choose from such as Hunger, Cancer, Aids, Water, Breast Cancer, Animals, Environment, Education, Red Cross, and the Touchscreen watch which supports all causes listed. The color varies for each cause so if you're just into a specific cause, you're still helping others just as well as if you were to choose your favorite color. 

Now onto the watch itself! The band is made out of a soft silicon structure while the screen itself is made out of tempered glass. All watches include a one year warranty and are 3ATM water resistant which means you can take the watch up to 96ft under water. The face has a mirror like effect which may be difficult for some when reading the time in sunlight. To reveal the time you can simply press the top right button (I also noticed that the two buttons on the left can also reveal the time). Direction manuals are not included in the box so if you need any additional help to set up your watch you can simply visit there website and check out the FAQ page.

The watch size seems to sport a one size fits all. It can fit my two year old sister (super tiny wrist here!), me (a little under average sized wrist), and my boyfriend (a pretty manly sized wrist if you ask me). Isn't that awesome? Now everyone in your family can have a 1:Face watch not only to sport because they're stylish but to also support a cause!

Currently 1:Face watches are available online on their website and are sold in Journeys stores. 1:Face ships to both the U.S. and international. Pick a cause and help change the lives of others today!



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  1. I just love this company! I wear my watch all the time and get asked about it because it's just so unique. Don't you just love a company that gives back?

  2. I love that! Very modern and chic, yet still for a great cause! You can't lose!

  3. What a totally interesting concept this is! I definitely like that each watch supports a different cause.

  4. Interesting concept. think I need to check into this for sure.

  5. Interesting for sure! I love companies that work for a cause.

  6. I really like companies that give back to a great cause - and I love that you can choose the cause you want to support here (and that they have so many to choose from.) It's a cool looking "not a watch"!

  7. What a noble cause! I love what this company is doing. And their product is pretty awesome. Like you called it, a win-win :)

  8. I've seen a few of these watches floating around. I added them to my bookmarks. I love the cause and the watches are pretty cool looking.

  9. I like the dual purpose too. And I like that it's unique looking, that makes it cool. :)

  10. That is one sleek and stylish watch! I also like they are giving back, warms my heart.

  11. I remember seeing this review on your little sister's blog and I actually got one because of what it represented. I got the one supporting breast cancer. I wear it almost every day and think that this would make a great gift. Give the gift that gives back.