Music Monday!

I woke up like this

Today was such a weird day. Last night I received a notification letting me know that my Psychology class would be cancelled. Yes, I know most people would probably be excited to hear such news, I on the other hand was quite confused and felt as if my day was ruined. I had no idea of what to do, sleeping in was my first option until I couldn't keep my eyes closed pass 7am. Breakfast was my second option which I gladly took up the offer to get a nice custom made veggie omelet and a bowl of fruit. I still had so much time on my hands that I literally felt clueless. The rest of the day wasn't too bad except the thunderstorm that sort of randomly came through our area a bit earlier.

Ok, enough of my weird day. This music Monday I decided to share this song by Beyoncé. I can't remember the last time I've actually heard and listened to a song by her. This one however caught me a bit off guard but after a couple of listens I think I may be hooked. Now to spend the rest of my day in bed getting cozy and watching Pretty Little Liars. Enjoy the song!

Happy Monday!