Music Monday!

That's what people say, mmm - mmm

It's Labor Day and I hope that everyone is enjoying the day off whether it's from school or your job. Sadly, if you're like me today, you don't have a day off. I've already finished my classes for the day and even though it's not as if I'm in class from 9 to 5, I would have much preferred my Monday snooze without labor. :)

However, I was certainly cheered up by this awesome song. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan and I can admit to liking a few of her songs in the past but she has really outdone herself in this hilarious music video. It's really catchy and upbeat. Great to dance along to too and I know I'm such a horrible dancer. I hope you all can enjoy this catchy tune this Labor Day and have a blast!

Happy Monday!