I'm officially out of high school and I'm super excited! The first thing I had to do was...hit the mall with Andrew after saying goodbye to most of my friends and having some delicious sushi. I finally have more time on my hand and I'm a bit loss for what to actually do with it. Of course I'll be blogging as much as I can but since today is my first day off I guess I'll blog about a really good sale I spotted yesterday at the mall at American Eagle Outfitters.

Ok, so I have a keen eye to spot sales really quickly. In fact, I tend to love sales mostly because the prices are cheaper, usually you get the last of what's in stock, variety varies, and it's an adventure to find something! Yesterday I spotted an additional 60% off clearance in American Eagle Outfitters and I couldn't pass up not getting at LEAST one thing.

So, I got two things instead! :) I found this really cute muscle t-shirt that retailed at $34.95. It was on sale for $29.99 which isn't much of a saving but with the additional 60% off it was a bargain! I absolutely loved the soft material it was made out of. Also the mesh, crotchet, and zipper backing caught my eye immediately. It's pretty plain in the front but I think that the back makes up for it. This tank came up to about $12 which I thought was a pretty good deal compared to the retail price. 

Secondly, I found these really cute soft pants that are super comfy and versatile. They're very loose fitting all around and I kind of regret buying a size small even though it was the smallest size they had available at the time but I couldn't pass these up. The sale tag on these also stated $29.99 but when I went to the register they also came up to around $12. So basically I spent $24 for an outfit! Everything is super comfortable and the materials are lightweight (not to be confused with cheap).

I'm not a typical shopper for American Eagle Outfitters but I gotta admit that their sale is amazing! Just thought I'd let you guys know. :) Have a great Wednesday!