Mmm, Pizza!

Now looking for the best frozen pizza is pretty hard for me. I'm a New Yorker so I know my pizza very well! I've scouted so many grocery stores and tried so many varieties (toppings are limited for me since I'm a vegetarian). Hands down, I still can't pick a favorite today but I decided to review a new one that I found since this particular pizza stood out to me in many ways.

Introducing FRESCHETTA!

This pizza may look like your ordinary frozen pizza once out of the box but trust me, It's not. Yeah, it may not look like anything special at the moment but once it's out of the oven you'll probably be a little shocked.

Everything is almost near perfect! Just baked at 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 19 minutes, you'll get this beauty. The cheese is perfectly melted, thick, and not dripping with oil. The crust is super puffy and tastes wonderful. 

I also was able to slice this pizza right away without any problems. My favorite about this pizza is the four cheese. The cheeses were pretty thick which I love because I'm a total cheese fan. The crust was thick but not a doughy texture which is also a thumbs up. I did not enjoy the under layer of the pizza too much. I thought it was quite bland but tolerable. The price was slightly higher than your average box of DiGiorno too. Not so many varieties were available at my local grocery store but maybe there will be more soon! 

What's your favorite frozen pizza?