Class of 2014!

I made it!

Of course I wouldn't forget to post about graduation. I'm so happy to say that I'm finally a high school graduate and will be a freshman in college this fall. Being handed my diploma was one of the happiest days in my life. Now I can't wait to accomplish greater things!

The list of graduates at Mesa Ridge High School for the class of 2014 was quite long but I want to congratulate everyone who succeeded and is moving on to better things in life. (My name is the last on the left page, right row)!

I was handed the senior edition of the newspaper after graduating to keep almost like a keepsake to remember. I regret not participating in the journalism program in high school but I'll hopefully have the chance to in college since it's part of my major after all. Every senior at Mesa Ridge High School had a mini interview that was published in the paper. Mine was a bit short, slightly cheesy but completely honest. 

Haha, there I am!