Welcome March!

I can't believe it's March already. That means I'm so much closer to my birthday, prom, graduation, and moving into college. So much in such little time! There's also so much to look forward to in March. Like spring, and flowers, fresh fruit and just new life in general.

What's better than getting rid of winter coats and welcoming all of the spring products, styles and colors! Hello?! This is the time where you can get away with wearing pastels. I'm so excited!

I've already been eyeing some totally new products that I'll share with you guys. From beauty products to fashion wear. Check it out!

Incoco recently revealed their  new spring "Garden Daydreams" collection on Facebook that launches next week and I'm just so thrilled. Ever since I had the chance to review for the company a while back (you can check it out here) I've just been in love with nail polish appliques. I can already see myself sporting the pink one (pictured second from left). 

Now how can you not fall in love with these beautiful hair accessories from H&M? I'm all about flowers and can't resist headbands. I love the detailing and of course the gorgeous colors! They're just all too pretty It'll be hard to only get one. 

If you thought that gumballs or candy was next, you're absolutely wrong. These beauties are GUERLAIN's new meteorites powder for your face which I spotted over at Sephora. I've never used a product like this before. Each pearl has a different pigment which adds brightness to your skin and minimizes flaws. There are three different pigments to chose from such as Clair, Medium and Dore. I love the fact that each pearl is handcrafted so no two pearls are the same. How crazy is that?

Last but not least is fashion. I'm a lover for Abercrombie & Fitch for their preppy styles as I grew up as a preppy girl in New York City. I also love their more recent casual pieces such as lightweight sweaters, crop tops, natural waist shorts, etc. There's so much materials to choose from like lace, polyester or even jersey. Now most people may get bored of the colors navy blue, white, and grey but lately they've been revealing new colors like coral, turquoise, and even lilac (pictured below)! 

Spring has made me too excited to even wait for all of the new arrivals. I can't wait for everything to hit stores. All of the beautiful colors and styles. Just too much to ask for!

What are you excited about for the new upcoming season? :)