Colorado State University - Pueblo

Just last Friday I was able to take a visit with Andrew and his dad to our potentially future college, Colorado State University - Pueblo. It was such an experience all in a few hours! It's literally less than an hour away from my home which is great so that I can possibly visit my family on the weekends. It was also my first time visiting Pueblo which is just a city south of Colorado Springs. 

I'm planning on majoring in Mass Communications because of my passion for Journalism and my dream to become a future Editor-in-Chief for Teen Vogue Magazine. I learned a lot of new info and it just really got me excited to attend this fall. 

I'm still debating on other college related things especially dorm prices. They're super expensive and my tuition is already over $10000+. My mom came up with a really cool idea of me having my own apartment outside of campus but close enough to commute everyday. The downfall of this is that I'll be living alone outside of campus. :(

I met a really nice girl named Ashleigh who is literally my twin from afar. We have so many similarities and could be potential roommates if I decided to live on campus. Living on campus will be a plus for making friends easier. I would hate to be anti-social.

I only have a few months to make a decision. It's all so exciting and can be so stressful at the same time. I can't wait to get settled. It'd be new and fun to decorate my future dorm or apartment. I can't wait!