Darby Smart To DIY For Box - March 2014

I'm so excited! I received a email from Darby Smart a while back to enter for a chance to win a March "To DIY For" box which I did and recently this showed up on my doorstep. I was a lucky winner. Woo! Thank you Darby Smart!

For those of you who are not familiar with Darby Smart, it's definitely your new internet rehab in a box! This box in particular that I am reviewing is the monthly "To DIY For" box which gives you an exciting DIY project for only $19. Shipping is free but only available to the US. 

In my box I received 2 bamboo cutting boards, one piece of scrap wood for testing, one wood burning hot pen, one dimensional fabric paint, and one pack of a 6x6 stencil to complete my project.

This month's project is making "Wood Burned Cutting Boards"!

The designer of this project is Darby Smart

There are step by step-by-step instructions/details on the back for helping you create your wood burned cutting board.

This project was a little harder for me than last month's ink blot coasters because of the fact that I have zero experience with wood burning. I can admit that I still had fun trying. I also can admit that I struggled somewhat trying to write with the wood burning hot pen. I decided to do something simple so that if I made a mistake, it wouldn't be such a big deal (and trust me, I hate making mistakes but everyone does). Thank goodness Darby Smart sent two cutting boards because the extra will definitely come in handy. The project time varied for whatever design you wanted to do. It probably took me about 15 minutes to do my design since it's technically not so much of a design at all. 

I'm saving the other bamboo cutting board for later or maybe I'll have someone who has much better artistic skills to help me create a design that stands out.

This is the back of the cutting board (or at least I'm assuming it is).

Here's how my first bamboo cutting board turned out after burning it.

I don't hate it but I also don't love it. I really wish I had better skills to come up with something outstanding. I'm excited to check out the show room to look at other Darby Smart subscribers ideas and projects. For a first time using a wood burning hot pen, I can say that the project idea was pretty great. I doubt I would've ever brainstormed this project idea on my own.  

I can say that I officially love Darby Smart boxes and I really hope I'll have a chance to win another box in the future. Each "To DIY For" box cost only $19. The next box ships April 11th so I advise anyone who is interested to hurry because they tend to sell out pretty quickly. 

P.S - There are tons of other DIY projects available on the Darby Smart website that you can check out. Prices vary depending on the project but I'm sure they'll all be worth it. :)